Glitches are something in a game that can make a game eaiser or harder to play. In some rare cases, it makes the game unplayable.

Characters without meeting objectivesEdit

You can get the cats or dogs that need you to like, follow, or subscribe on social media without meeting the objectives. You don't need to keep the social media page open once you begin the game. 

  1. Open the select which cat/dog screen.
  2. Click on the cat/dog you want to get. It should open a social media page.
  3. Go back to the CatsVsDogs screen and select the cat/dog.
  4. Begin the game. You should now have the cat/dog unlocked without completing the objective!

Mating with 1 cat/dogEdit

Sometimes, there will be the pink mating circle, but there will be bo cat/dog. The circle is perfectly functional and using it will not break the game in any way. It is unknown why this happens. It may be you die while pressing E, but this is not confirmed.